Q: Who started Kids Kicking Cancer?

 A: Rabbi Elimelech Goldberg is the founder and CEO of Kids Kicking Cancer, read more.

 Q: How do I sign up for Martial Arts classes?

 A: Fill out the form and specify which class you want join. Click here to sign up.


 Q: How can I contact the organization?

 A: Your welcome to contact us by filling out the form and specifiy how we can help.  


 Q: I am a Martial Artist, how can I get involved?

 A: We have openings for volunteer Martial Arts Instructors. Click here to sign up.

 Q: If I am not a Martial Artist, how can I get involved?

 A: There are many ways that you can get involved. Click here to contact us. 

 Q: Can I volunteer to assist an Instructor?

 A: Yes, we welcome volunteer instructor assistants. Click here to contact us.

 Q: How do I sign up to Online Martial Arts Classes? 

 A: Click here to learn more and apply. 

 Q: Where can I make a donation?

 A: Your donation can make a huge difference. Click here to donate. 


 Q: What is Power * Peace * Purpose?

 A: It is our manta. Power = learning to use your body in a powerful way, Peace = using breathe and imagination to   take control, Purpose = sharing your ability with others. Together this helps the child cope with challenging   situations. 


 Q: Do you have social media platforms?

 A: Yes we have both a Facebook and Instagram page. Follow us!